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Bringing a horse to water, and water to Haiti

Sep 9, 2011

This is not your typical road trip. Brandy and Ashley Nelsey, sisters from West Branch, will be traveling across the country on horseback and raising money for the Haiti Water Project along the way. Jennifer White spoke with Brandy Nelsey about what inspired the trip.

“We knew that we loved our horses—that’s something we really enjoy doing and that’s a passion of ours—and we also love the lord greatly. So we thought, well, why not travel the country, see if we can meet other Christians, and see what other opportunities and people are out there. ”

The Nelseys will follow their faith from West Branch to Texas and back again with a team of four horses and their dog Tae. Brandy says that Tae is road-ready.

“He will be traveling alongside the horses. I have a training collar on him and he knows that when he’s off the leash he is supposed to stay on the right side of the road. If I say ‘ditch’ he jumps in the ditch. If I say ‘wait’ he stops and waits for us.”

They call themselves the “Horseback for Haiti Team” and their trip begins this month. To learn more about the Haiti Water Project and read team member bios, visit

Meg Cramer - Michigan Radio Newsroom