Buena Vista voters will revisit millage for defunct school district

May 5, 2015

Buena Vista voters will decide today whether to renew a millage to cover its now-dissolved school district's debt.
Credit Matt Katzenberger / Flickr - http://bit.ly/1rFrzRK

Buena Vista voters today will decide whether to renew a millage that would cover debt still owed by the township's now-defunct school district.  

Last November, voters rejected a similar proposal to cover the former district's $725,000 debt.

In 2013, the state dissolved Buena Vista Schools, then divvied up the district's property and students between several neighboring districts.

If approved, proposal would levy 18 mills to cover the operating debt Buena still owes on buildings it no longer owns. 

Gloria Platko, Buena Vista township clerk, said the state shut down the district without considering the debt.

"The citizens here don't mind paying a debt if we own the buildings," she said. "But we don't own the buildings because [the state] took them away from us," she said.

The non-homestead millage only applies to businesses and secondary properties.

A Michigan Senate-approved bill to eliminate Buena Vista's debt to the House Appropriations Committee this week.

If approved, the bill would draw from a $2.5 million work project fund originally set aside for Saginaw Intermediate School District.