Building issues force combination of two Detroit schools | Michigan Radio

Building issues force combination of two Detroit schools

Mar 19, 2018

One Detroit school that’s shut down because of building problems will be housed in another school building for the rest of this year.

Palmer Park Preparatory Academy was shut down because of a leaky roof and mold problems. The Detroit Public Schools Community District closed the building for the rest of the year to replace the roof.

In the meantime, Palmer Park’s 550-plus students will be moved to the Detroit International Academy for Young Women.

Palmer Park students went back to class Monday after more than a week on hiatus. The two schools are about five miles apart.

DPSCD says it will transport all Palmer Park students to and from the new school, and students from the two schools will largely remain separated within the building. The district also says all teachers and classrooms will stay the same, just in a different building (DPSCD has additional information about the logistics of the move here).

Though things have improved, the district continues to be plagued by substandard conditions in some buildings. District officials maintain that Lansing did not provide enough money for building improvements when it passed a rescue package to prevent the old Detroit Public Schools from going bankrupt, and create a new-on-paper district in 2016.