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Campaigns went on a spending spree in Michigan

Nov 9, 2016


Over the last few weeks, Michigan all of a sudden became a battleground state.

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Both candidates and their surrogates barnstormed across Michigan to rally supporters and get out the vote.

As for the State House, Democrats believed they had a real chance to take control. That obviously didn’t happen, but that hope meant some pretty big spending in state House races.

There were also three Congressional races that considered competitive: the 7th, with Tim Walberg and Gretchen Driskell; the 8th with Mike Bishop and Suzanna Shkreli; and the 1st, with Jack Bergman and Lon Johnson. Residents in those districts were inundated with ads, and the Republican candidates won all three.

Craig Mauger from the Michigan Campaign Finance Network sat down with us today to talk about how those campaigns spent in Michigan.

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