Can Democrats turn Michigan into a blue state again?

Dec 3, 2014

It’s already been a month since Election Day, but Democrats in Michigan are continuing to sort out just what happened.

It’s fair to say it wasn’t all bad for Democrats. 

Gary Peters won the open U.S. Senate seat, and their candidates won  seven out of eight seats on higher education boards. 

But other than those wins, it isn’t too rosy for Democrats in Michigan.

Is Michigan getting redder? Are Republicans just doing a better job of getting their message out? Do Democrats in Michigan have strong enough candidates?

Former Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party Mark Brewer and Democratic strategist Joe DiSano join us later today to asses the future of their party.

DiSano believes Democrats need to get tougher , "There is a tentative streak where Democrats feel that they have to present both sides of an argument. I'm sorry Democrats... you don't." And, as Brewer notes, Democrats in Michigan have, "a credibility problem."

But, how fixable are those problems for Democrats in Michigan? And, will their problems be solved in time for Election Day 2016?

You can listen to our conversation today at 3 p.m.