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Census shows Michigan the only state to lose population

Dec 21, 2010

Update 1:30 p.m.:

It's confirmed. Michigan has NEVER lost population in U.S. Census data history. I asked Vince Kountz of the U.S. Census Bureau in Detroit. He looked at the books and never saw population drop for the state of Michigan. He went back to the 1810 Census, before Michigan was a state. There were 4,762 people in the Michigan territory back then.

  • We had 9,938,444 people in the state in 2000
  • We now have 9,883,640 in the state in 2010.

12:02 p.m.:

The Census numbers are out. You can take a look at what they found with this map.

The big take home. Michigan is the only state in the Union that lost population. That hasn't happened since 1910 - and perhaps it's never happened in the state's history.

Michigan will definitely lose a representative in Congress. Gary Peters' district is a likely candidate.

The south and west are the regions that gained the most, so look for power in Congress to shift that direction.