Changes to Michigan's Concealed Gun Permits take effect next week

Nov 27, 2015

Starting December 1st, applications for concealed pistol licenses will pass thru a different system in Michigan.

Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

A new state law taking effect eliminates local gun boards and puts the review process entirely in the hands of the Michigan State Police.  The new law is also speeding up the review process, from 60 to 45 days.

MSP Sgt. Amy Dehner says the old system allowed local gun boards to deny CPL’s to people who otherwise qualified to get the permit.  Roughly 2% of CPL applicants were denied permits by local gun boards’ “discretion”.

“When you have 83 different gun boards, 3 people per gun board, you obviously have a lot of different discretionary reasons someone could have a permit denied,” says Dehner.

Supporters say the local gun boards had more information about the people seeking concealed pistol licenses. They say the local boards had more information about pending legal cases against applicants, histories of mental illness and other concerns.