Children’s book portrays Anishinaabe walk to heal Great Lakes

Mar 16, 2017


Author Carol Trembath in our studio
Credit Lindsey Scullen / Michigan Radio

They’re known as the Mother Earth Water Walkers: Two Anishinaabe grandmothers and a group of Anishinaabe women and men, walking the perimeter of the Great Lakes, hoping to raise awareness of the environmental and manmade threats against the lakes.

They began walking in 2003, and over the next six years walked all of the 11,525 miles around the Great Lakes.

Now the story of the Water Walkers is told in a children’s book by Michigan author Carol Trembath, with illustrations by David W. Craig.

Water Walkers tells the story of an Ojibway girl named Mai. Mai's grandmother allows her to come along with them and walk around Lake Superior.

Listen to our conversation with Trembath above.

This segment originally aired on Nov. 17, 2016.

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