Cold snap causing health problems in Michigan | Michigan Radio

Cold snap causing health problems in Michigan

Jan 6, 2014

Michigan hospital emergency rooms and urgent care centers are seeing patients who’ve been injured during this cold snap.

Dr. Scott Lazzara is an urgent care physician at McLaren Greater Lansing.  He says he’s seen a lot of slip and falls.

“We’re seeing a lot of people who are falling, breaking their wrist, hurting their back, spraining their ankles,” says Lazzara.

Lazzara says people are so bundled up to fight the cold their vision is impaired and they're less able to avoid slipping and falling.

“People get so clothed up that they can’t move … and then they slip and that’s when they hurt themselves,” says Lazzara.

Lazzara says plunging temperatures are also putting Michiganders at risk for frostbite and other cold-related health issues.