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Combating the digital divide in Detroit

Feb 26, 2015

Computer skills can help citizens gain job prospects.
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Almost 40% of Detroit households don't have Internet. That’s second in the nation only to Laredo, Texas.

Detroiter Brandon Moore is only a recent Internet adopter. The majority of his neighbors don't have Internet.

He says before he became connected, "it was kind of a feeling of being left behind, or left out. Not being able to experience everything that everyone else was talking about."

Moore says many of his older neighbors are also hesitant to embrace changing technology.

Moore was out of work for four years, but now is employed as a computer support technician for a local school district. He was able to get computer skills through the Connect Your Community program at Focus Hope.

He says the program helped him immensely with job prospects. The courses start with the absolute basics, such as how to use a mouse and keyboard.  

If more people in the area are able to gain computer skills Moore says, "I think it will help create jobs. I think it will help people in their daily lives."