Commission to investigate response time in Detroit fires

Sep 15, 2010

Michigan Radio's Sarah Hulett reports that the Michigan Public Service Commission is "launching an investigation into
DTE Energy's role in the fires that swept through parts of Detroit last week."

Fires swept through Detroit's east side after utility wires came down in a windstorm on September 7. People living in the area reported slow response times from DTE and from the city of Detroit. They said the fires could have been prevented.

In Hulett's report DTE spokesman Scott Simons said,

We've conducted a detailed review of the phone calls received from our customers, we've reviewed our dispatch logs and our employees involved with the response on that day, and based on the information we've obtained we're convinced that our response was timely and appropriate," said DTE Spokesman Scott Simons.

The Public Service Commission will hold public hearings on the fires on September 29th.