Company says Detroit pet coke piles cleared away (almost) | Michigan Radio

Company says Detroit pet coke piles cleared away (almost)

Aug 26, 2013

DETROIT (AP) - A company says it has removed piles of petroleum coke from Detroit's riverfront, but will need more time to haul away other materials from storage sites.

The city-imposed deadline for Detroit Bulk Storage to get rid of the petroleum coke is Tuesday.

Spokesman Daniel Cherrin says the company has asked for additional time to remove limestone aggregate and that it may take until early next month to clear it all away.

Bob Warfield, a spokesman for Mayor Dave Bing, says daily inspections show the petroleum coke was being removed.

Petroleum coke -- also known as pet coke -- is used as a fuel and results from refining exports. The city pointed to health concerns as one reason to remove the piles from southwest Detroit.

Limestone aggregate is a construction material.