Compromise on emergency road funding to be announced this afternoon

Mar 11, 2014

State lawmakers will roll out a deal this afternoon on a spending package to fix Michigan’s pothole-filled roads.

The supplement funding bill is expected to include $200 million for local road agencies. Brutal winter weather has drained county and city road budgets.

State House Speaker Jase Bolger declined to give specifics about the compromise road bill this morning, except to say it will address the state’s immediate road problems.

“That’s what our constituents have talked about,” Bolger told reporters at the state capitol this morning. “That’s what voters have made really clear. They want those roads fixed. So that’s the highlight of the supplemental.”

Bolger declined to talk about a longer-term solution for Michigan’s road woes.

Gov. Snyder wants to spend an additional $1 billion a year to fix and improve Michigan’s roads. But legislative Republicans are leery of any plan that would raise taxes.