Coney, pasty, pop: What would you choose to be our state’s official food?

Jul 20, 2016

Michigan has a state fossil, and even a state soil, but not a state food.

MLive writer Emily Bingham discovered that other states have a designated food, and soon set out to find a dish Michiganders can call their own. In a poll for MLive, Bingham offered a list of suggestions to take the title – a few of which surprised readers.

“A lot of people commented that they thought it was ridiculous that I included soybeans on the list,” Bingham told Stateside. “Which I knew wasn’t going to win…. But, in fact, Michigan is one of the top producers of soybeans in the country.”

The Coney dog took first place, beating out the pasty by only one percentage point.

You can check out the final tally here.

Bingham joined Stateside to talk about the poll’s runner-ups, and where the results could go from here.


Emily Bingham is a writer for MLive.