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Congress calls on Iran to release American political prisoners

Jun 16, 2015

Congressman Dan Kildee speaks at the announcement of the USDA's Regional Conservation Partnership Program on Tuesday, May 27, 2014.
Credit U.S. Department of Agriculture / flickr

It seems there isn't much Congress can agree on these days.

But there was an exception to that Monday night concerning the plight of Amir Hekmati, 31, of Flint.

Rep. Dan Kildee, D-Flint Township, proposed a resolution Monday stating that Iran must release the Americans it is holding and provide information on any other Americans it may be holding.

The congressman later tweeted a picture from the floor of the House showing a rare vote: 391 to none in favor of the resolution.


“We may have big disagreements in this country on some questions,” Kildee says. “When it comes to the question of the Americans being held by Iran, there is no disagreement whatsoever.”

Kildee thinks that Iran’s first big step toward recognition on the global playing field should be to stop holding political prisoners.  

“We know … the government of Iran cares what the world thinks of them and that they can’t simply do whatever they please,” Kildee says.

Amir Hekmati, arrested in Iran while visiting his grandmother and charged with collaborating with the U.S. government, will have been in Iranian prison four years this August.