Critics of the Affordable Care Act are winning the "messaging war"

Jun 21, 2012

Critics of the Affordable Care Act are winning the media battle.  That's according to research by the Pew Trust.

The study says opponents of the health care overhaul had effective messages about what they call "big government." It says those messages were more effective than supporters' warnings about what they call "greedy insurance companies."  The study also mentions that most of the news coverage focused on politics rather than explaining what the law actually does.

Harry Perlstadt is a professor of sociology at Michigan State University. He thinks the Obama administration and Democrats did not do a good enough job convincing Michiganders about the law's benefits.

"What basically happened is that they spent most of the last two years doing the implementation rather than selling the Act to the American people and to Michigan," says Perlstadt.  "There weren't a lot of people from the administration who were going out speaking on this to be quoted by the media."

The Supreme Court will decide the fate of the law before the end of the month.

- Nishant Sekaran, Michigan Radio Newsroom