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Deadline passes for marijuana dispensaries to turn in applications

Feb 15, 2018

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Existing medical marijuana dispensaries had until Thursday to turn their applications in to a state licensing board with proof that their local governments are allowing them to operate.

The dispensaries have been allowed to continue to sell marijuana to licensed card-holders for the past two months. That’s while the state ramps up a new licensing system.

Dispensaries that have not turned in applications are likely to be denied future requests for a license.

"It means that the medical marijuana board will look at their operation as a reason to deny licensure," said David Harns with the state Medical Marijuana Licensing Board. He says the next step is for the board to make a decision on the applications.

“The first time we anticipate doing that will be in March or April, and then the applications will just roll into the medical marijuana licensing board each month, and as they are approved or denied, we will let the applicants know that.” 

Applicants have to pass a background check and prove they have operating capital.

Harns says people who want to open a dispensary in the future are not affected by the deadline.