Defense Chairman Carl Levin backs deal on Iran's nuclear programs with Iran

Nov 24, 2013

DETROIT (AP) - U.S. Senate Defense Committee Chairman Carl Levin of Michigan says he supports the agreement between Iran and six leading nations that curbs some of Iran's nuclear programs in exchange for the easing of sanctions against the Middle Eastern nation.

The Democratic lawmaker said Sunday that the interim agreement "is a realistic, practical way to freeze Iran's nuclear program for six months while we seek a long-range diplomatic end to Iran's nuclear weapon ambition."

Levin says there's "no harm in testing Iran's willingness" because the freeze and a partial roll-back of Iran's nuclear programs gives the U.S. and the world more than Iran gets with release of $7 billion in frozen assets.

Democratic U.S. Rep. Dan Kildee of Flint U.S. Rep. says the deal is "potential progress" but says distrust remains.