Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton brings a jobs plan to Michigan | Michigan Radio

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton brings a jobs plan to Michigan

Aug 11, 2016

Millions of Americans would be put to work if Hillary Clinton is elected president. That was the promise the candidate delivered in Metro Detroit Thursday. Clinton said Republican nominee Donald Trump is presenting a dismal and incorrect picture of Michigan’s economy. She pushed pack at Trump’s economic plans while at an advanced manufacturing plant in Warren.

Clinton commented on immigration, raising the minimum wage, and Trump’s plan to eliminate the Estate Tax, which she says will not help 99.8 percent of Americans. But Clinton’s real focus was on strengthening the economy, especially in states like Michigan.

“So yes, there is still a long road ahead, but Michigan is on the rise, and everyone is contributing,” she said. “That’s America at its best.”  

Clinton paid homage to Detroit’s auto history when she described her plan to raise the minimum wage. Clinton says the Big-Three wanted their workers to be able to buy the cars they built.

“When they were criticized by other businesses, ‘How can you pay that much,’ they had the best answer. ‘We want people to buy our cars.’ This is economics 101.”

She says (m) millions of people would be put to work re-building the nation’s infrastructure if she’s elected president. Clinton says that includes new water infrastructure in Flint and Detroit. 

“We will also help cities like Detroit and Flint connect underserved neighborhoods to opportunity expanding, affordable housing, and we will repair schools and failed water systems as well,” she said to cheers from the crowd of blue collar workers.

Clinton also made a plethora of promises like working for free college tuition, getting people to get jobs in skilled trades, tougher enforcement of trade deals, and starting a national campaign to dignify skills training.

About 40 Trump supporters like Lisa  Mankiewicz protested outside a Hillary Clinton event in Warren.

She says Trump sees what's really going on in the country.

"Do you know Dearborn and Hamtracmck are "no go" zones?" Mankiewicz asked. "You're not welcome unless you're Muslim!"

The protestors were loud - but peaceful.