Democrats plan all-nighter in bid to block DeVos | Michigan Radio

Democrats plan all-nighter in bid to block DeVos

Feb 6, 2017

Democrats are trying to get just one more Republican to vote against Betsy DeVos's confirmation as U.S. Secretary of Education tomorrow.  

They're planning to stay on the Senate floor overnight in a last-ditch bid to block DeVos's cabinet appointment.

Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow says she's been overwhelmed by constituents telling her not to vote for DeVos.  

"We've seen parents get involved and speak out, all across Michigan and frankly all across the country,” she says. “I've gotten more mail, more emails, more phone calls on this nominee than any other. And I've gotten a lot on a lot of nominees."

Stabenow says most of those constituents are troubled by DeVos’s lobbying work in Michigan to greatly expand charter schools, without making them accountable for low performance.

“She's pushed for policies that have made charter schools in Michigan less accountable, and taken dollars away from public schools where the vast majority of children get their education,” Stabenow says.

But DeVos's supporters say she puts school choice at the center of the education system, rather than trapping kids in failing schools.