Despite protests, MI governor won't back away from “ugly issues” | Michigan Radio

Despite protests, MI governor won't back away from “ugly issues”

Jul 28, 2011

Governor Rick Snyder says the state government is “evolving very quickly” because it needs to. Snyder highlighted his administration’s accomplishments and his remaining goals during a visit to St. Joseph today.

Protestors once again greeted Snyder in St. Joseph, this time outside the heritage museum. They pass around petitions to recall the Governor. About 20 people chant “Recall Rick!” as he enters the building.

Inside, Snyder told a friendlier crowd he’s aware he’s taking on “ugly” issues like education reform, pension and business taxes.

“One of the commitments I will make to you is we will not back away from those ugly things that people have sort of put in the corner and said ‘we don’t want to deal with them.’ We will take those on.”

Snyder says he can’t guarantee perfect solutions to these “ugly” issues. But he says he will make a good-faith effort at improving them.

Snyder says he’s signed 124 bills into law so far. Rules for state appointed emergency managers, limiting the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s money for attracting businesses, taxes on public pensions, balancing the state’s budget and his position on the Detroit River International Crossing project have all ruffled feathers.

This fall, Snyder will focus on three issues he warns could get ugly.

  1. Cost and access for care to improve health and wellness
  2. Infrastructure improvement for roads, bridges, sewers, and broadband
  3. Keeping talent and young people in Michigan.

“Can I guarantee you a perfect solution? No. But I will guarantee you a good faith effort o make major improvement on each one of those items.”