Detroit adds more bus service upgrades | Michigan Radio

Detroit adds more bus service upgrades

Aug 29, 2018

Detroit officials say they are continuously upgrading bus service after it was gutted by years of cutbacks and bankruptcy.

The city announced Tuesday that starting September it will offer 15-minute service and new buses with Wi-Fi along the city’s ten busiest routes next month.

One of the new ConnectTen buses that will provide more frequent service along Detroit's ten busiest bus routes.
Credit Sarah Cwiek / Michigan Radio

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan says it’s another step in a gradual rebuilding process.

“We are building a first-class transit system right here in the city of Detroit, a step at a time,” he said.

Duggan says the idea is to start along the busiest routes, then expand service upgrades to neighborhood lines over the next couple years.

Artist Bree Gant relies on Detroit buses as her main transportation. She says transit advocates and city officials worked together on some of the new improvements.

“It’s very hopeful,” said Gant. “And it has me very excited about the future of Detroit, not just as a mobility epicenter of the world, but also just as a metropolis, where community and government can work together.”

Gant says she’s most excited about the new Line 4, which will “keep Woodward [Avenue] on Woodward.”

“We haven’t had bus service [down Woodward] in downtown Detroit since the Q Line construction disrupted it years ago,” Gant said.

Last week, the city announced new options for bus passes, and a simpler fare structure that covers both Detroit and the separate, suburban regional bus system, SMART. The city has also recently expanded 24-hour bus service on certain routes.