Detroit anti-police brutality protest ends peacefully | Michigan Radio

Detroit anti-police brutality protest ends peacefully

Jun 1, 2020

For the first time in four days, a peaceful end to protests. Police pack up and protesters celebrate a victory — but say protests will continue this week.
Credit Ryan Patrick Hooper / WDET

Protesters marched for a fourth straight day in Detroit. But for the first time, there were no clashes with police.

Hundreds of demonstrators walked for miles on Monday, holding signs and chanting against police brutality.

Over weekend, similar protests ended with tear gas and arrests.

But Monday, protest organizers, including Stefan Perez, worked to reduce tensions within the group of protesters.

“I had to keep everybody in the right mindset. That’s what I tried. That’s what I did. Everybody’s going home,” says Perez. “We made our impact today; we made our statement.”

There were other protests in Michigan, as people across the state marched to demand justice for George Floyd, the man who died in police custody a week ago in Minneapolis. 

The marches and rallies across Michigan during the past week have been largely peaceful. Violence and vandalism occurred in a few cases, largely after the original demonstrations were long over.

Monday’s protests were almost completely peaceful.

Police made a handful of arrests in Grand Rapids as some people intentionally violated the city’s curfew.

WDET’s Ryan Patrick Hooper says protests are expected to continue in Detroit and other cities in Michigan.

“You have to remember there’s multiple organizers with multiple agendas,” says Hooper.