Detroit extends deadline for property tax assessment appeals | Michigan Radio

Detroit extends deadline for property tax assessment appeals

Feb 17, 2017

The city of Detroit has extended the deadline for residents to appeal their property tax assessments for this year. The city decided to extend the deadline because statements were sent out to residents later than usual, due to the city only recently competing its first re-assessment of property values in decades.

Statements mailed to residents still list the old deadline for appeal. At least one tax attorney worries residents will see the old deadline on their statements and think it’s too late to appeal.

“If the old deadline is on the assessment paper that is a big problem,” says Tarek Baydoun. “It’s something that will cause people no doubt, not to appeal.”

Previously, the deadline to appeal was Saturday, February 18. With the extension, Detroit residents now have until February 28.

“Because the mailing was delayed, we felt it was fair to extend the assessor’s review period for anyone who has questions or wants to challenge their proposed assessment until the end of the month,” said City Assessor Alvin Horhn.

Residents will also be able to appeal directly to the Board of Review in March.

Detroit began mailing assessments to property owners earlier this month.