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Detroit fire commissioner resigning

Dec 3, 2013

Detroit Fire Commissioner Donald Austin is resigning.

Austin had to deal with declining city budgets and rising discontent among the city’s firefighters during his tenure as Detroit Fire Commissioner.

He was hired by Mayor Dave Bing in 2011 to oversee Detroit’s overworked fire department.

In announcing Austin’s resignation, the outgoing Detroit Mayor praised his leadership of the fire department.

"We are grateful for his contributions and improvements he has made to the Fire Department and EMS Division and wish him well in his future endeavors," Bing said in a written statement.

Bing also noted the recent $55 million grant that will help keep more than a hundred Detroit firefighters on the job.

In a written statement, Austin praises the work of Detroit's firefighters and others in the city. 

"I am encouraged by the commitment of members of the Department, unions, and private, public, and business sectors who continue to demonstrate their support for an efficient and effective public safety service model for Detroiters," Austin said.

Many Detroit firefighters complain about staff cuts and equipment allowed to deteriorate during Austin’s tenure.

Austin's resignation is effective Dec. 31st.