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Detroit Mayor Dave Bing won't seek re-election

May 14, 2013

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing will not seek re-election.

Bing made that announcement after months of indecision. He frustrated reporters weeks ago when he pulled petitions for re-election, only to say he hadn't committed to running.

Then he called a press conference, and handed out pamphlets highlighting his successes in office.

Then he spoke for nearly 20 minutes about his achievements before announcing "that I have decided not to seek another term as mayor Detroit."

Bing said his political career might not be over.

“I have been approached and will establish an exploratory committee to examine other options, including the office of Wayne County exec,” said Bing.

The announcement surprised many, including Luther Keith of the non-profit ARISE Detroit.

"How do you spell bombshell? I think that's what that is," said Keith.

There are at least eight candidates who appear headed for the August 6th mayoral primary ballot.

Bing says his administration has laid the groundwork for improving Detroit, but he says he’s come to doubt the state’s commitment to a partnership.

He cited recent decisions that will allow Flint to get its water outside the city’s system, and that will siphon transportation money away from Detroit’s bus system.

Bing made the announcement hours before today’s filing deadline.

2:40 p.m.

Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr released this statement after Bing's announcement:

"I commend Mayor Bing for his service to the city of Detroit and its citizens.  The work that he has begun has set Detroit on a path to achieve many of the goals necessary for the city to thrive.  These last two months have been a productive partnership that I look forward to continuing for the balance of the year."

Bing announced he will establish an exploratory committee to examine other options, including the office of Wayne County executive.

12:37 p.m.

Bing said he was going to sleep on it last night. Maybe his dreams told him "no."

Bing has decided against a re-election bid for Detroit Mayor.

Michigan Radio's Sarah Hulett is covering Bing's press conference and sent this tweet:

Hulett reports that Bing is considering other options and might run for Wayne County Executive.

The Detroit Free Press' Matt Helms reports Bing questioned the state's involvement in rescuing Detroit:

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing says he will not seek re-election, citing the involvement of the emergency manager, a state appointed overseer of the city’s finances.

“I have to wonder if the state is truly interested in a partnership,” Bing said at the Charles Wright Museum.

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