Detroit Mayor to DNC - 'Our city's recovery is fueled by a renewed spirit of unity' | Michigan Radio

Detroit Mayor to DNC - 'Our city's recovery is fueled by a renewed spirit of unity'

Jul 28, 2016

Mayor Mike Duggan talked about Detroit’s recovery (and took a shot at Donald Trump) during last night’s Democratic National Convention.

Mayor Duggan used his time at the podium to tout Detroit’s recovery.

I ran for mayor of Detroit with a central message that we needed to end our historic divisions. I finished every speech the entire campaign by saying, "We need to build a Detroit where it doesn't matter if you are black, brown, white, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, whether you're gay or straight, born in the city of Detroit or are an immigrant -- everyone will be equally valued and everyone will have real opportunity."

Duggan then turned to the city’s pass through bankruptcy.

“Detroit is 18 months out of bankruptcy, something Donald Trump knows a little bit about,” noted Duggan, “But unlike Trump, Detroit is only doing bankruptcy once.”

The Michigan Republican Party shot out a press release pointing out Republican lawmakers helped create the “Grand Bargain” to help Detroit reach a bankruptcy settlement.”

Duggan credited the Obama administration for saving the auto industry, boosting jobs in Detroit and improving the economy.

Detroit’s mayor says creating an economy that works for everyone is a “true test” for the next president.   He says he didn’t hear anything during last week’s Republican National Convention that shows the GOP has that kind of plan.

“You heard insults and fear mongering. You heard angry, irrational rhetoric. The parroting of slogans stitched on hats.” says Duggan.

Duggan closed his speech by saying, “Hillary Clinton knows the best way to bring our cities back is to give our citizens a real chance at good-paying jobs.”