Detroit mayor steps up pressure on scrap metal bills

Mar 5, 2014

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan hopes to renew state lawmakers’ interest in curbing scrap metal theft across the state. Duggan met with Democrats and Republicans in the state House on Wednesday.  

He wants to make sure the House does not approve a Senate version of legislation that he says does not go far enough to crack down on illegal scrap metal sales.

“The Senate stripped out all of the protections that would have allowed law enforcement to crack down on the unsavory scrap metal dealers,” said Duggan, “including no ability to create a paper trail to the money that’s being paid out to the thieves.”

Duggan also spoke to lawmakers about a controversial new proposal to overhaul Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance system. He says the legislation would not address his biggest concern – that Detroit’s auto insurance rates are about twice as high as in surrounding suburbs.