Detroit’s high-end development thrives while neighborhoods and schools struggle

Sep 16, 2016

Picture a tree. It has two branches. One bears green leaves. The other struggles to remain viable.

That tree is Detroit and those two branches represent the two very different narratives that we've seen play out this week.

Detroit News business columnist Daniel Howes joined Stateside to talk about these two approaches to rebuilding the city of Detroit.

In his latest column, entitled "Two Detroits compete to shape comeback narrative," Howes writes about the recent announcement of the construction of a high-end Shinola hotel on Woodward in downtown.

Howes talks about the competing visions for the city's revival. The downtown area with multi-million dollar development is thriving, while many of the city's neighborhoods and schools continue to struggle.

Listen to the full interview above to hear Howes talk about the differing priorities and why shifting our focus to improving neighborhoods and Detroit's education system is important for the city's long-term recovery.

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