Detroit students post nation's worst science scores | Michigan Radio

Detroit students post nation's worst science scores

Feb 24, 2011

Fourth and eighth graders who took a national science test in 2009 posted the worst results among 17 big-city districts.

The scores are from the 2009 Trial Urban District Assessment in science, part of the National Assessment of Educational Progress test – which is often referred to as the “nation’s report card.”

Results for the fourth and eighth graders in Detroit who took the test were worse than 16 other big cities that participated.

They show that 80 percent of eighth-graders lack even a basic understanding of science concepts.

The results pretty much echo the reading and math results released last year, said Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb:

"So today it is not as much of a shock, but it is very important that we continue on a path that we’re on now."

Bobb says that means a more rigorous academic program – with a focus on science, technology, engineering and math.