Detroit Symphony Orchestra musicians, management resume talks

Nov 5, 2010

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra musicians have been on strike for a full month. Concerts have been canceled through this weekend. But now comes word that both sides have agreed to enter informal talks to try to end the work stoppage.

Here's the latest proposal that was on the table to deal with a $9 million budget gap:

Musicians proposed a temporary 22 percent pay cut.

Management wants to cut current players salaries by a third, new players' salaries by 42 percent, eliminate tenure, reduce the size of the orchestra, and require the players to teach and perform outside of the regularly scheduled concert season.

Here's the joint statement DSO musicians and management released today:

"The musicians and management of the DSO have entered into informal discussions with the goal of bringing an end to the work stoppage that has delayed the opening of the season.

Beyond that, both sides have agreed to a news blackout while discussions continue and have no further comment."

We'll keep you posted on this story as it's updated.