Detroiters to protest police brutality | Michigan Radio

Detroiters to protest police brutality

Aug 14, 2015

Black Lives Matter and other groups plan a national day of protest on August 15, 2015.
Credit user The All-Nite Images / Flickr

Some Detroiters are taking part in a national day of action on Saturday to protest police brutality, especially against people of color.

Mahogany Dixon says she will be there. Dixon just graduated from high school. She and her friends found out about the event on social media, and they're using social media to encourage others to attend.

Dixon wants to call attention to a climate of fear among black youth in cities.

"We no longer want to be afraid just to leave our houses. We can't live like this anymore," she says.

The rally begins at 2:00 p.m. at Hart Plaza. Similar rallies will take place in more than two dozen cities in the U.S.