Detroit's mayoral primary isn't the only race on the ballot in Michigan on Tuesday

Aug 5, 2013

A lot of attention has been paid to Detroit’s mayoral primary on Tuesday. But that’s not the only election in which Michigan voters will be casting ballots this week.

Voters in more than 50 Michigan counties will be casting ballots on Tuesday.

There’s the usual mix of school and library millages.

There are also numerous local primary elections.

Voters in parts of Ann Arbor, Jackson, Grand Rapids, Lansing and other cities will be voting for local city council seats.

Voters in Flint are choosing between two dozen candidates running for a handful of city council seats. Flint, like Detroit, is under an emergency manager and the city council has little power.

But in Flint, leaders hope to begin the process of getting out from under the state-appointed manager, possibly regaining control late next year.

So the council members picked to fill relatively powerless seats this year may eventually wield actual power before their terms are up.