Detroit's Thanksgiving Day Parade draws big crowds

Nov 25, 2010

Detroit held its 48th annual America’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Thousands of people lined up along Woodward Avenue to celebrate. 

People came from Detroit, the suburbs, Muskegon, I even talked to somebody from Marquette, MI. All of them came in for the parade. For a lot of them it’s a family tradition. They’re here for the clowns, the floats, and the marching bands.

Lisa Greleski and her son, Adam, has been coming here for the last 3 years.

"Of course we’re expecting to see Santa, that’s the biggest part. But Adam loves Captain Underpants, too. We love the floats, love the music, love the marching bands."

Nine-year old Nadia Grandison came to the pardade to see Santa Clause ride by on a big float. It may be Thanksgiving, but Nadia says she’s already made up her Christmas list for Santa:

“I asked for a doll house and I asked for a Barbie jet so I could play with my Barbies and they could fly around in a jet!”

After the parade, a lot of Detroiters will be doing another tradition: Eating turkey and watching the Detroit Lions play.