Did the earth move for you too?

Aug 23, 2011

People all across Michigan say they felt today’s earthquake in Virginia .  Perhaps the most common question today in Michigan was   "Did you feel that?" 

Within minutes of the 5 .9 tremor in Virginia, social media started buzzing.   Michigan Radio’s listeners chimed in quickly.   

People from Dearborn and Ann Arbor to Bay City and Grand Rapids reported feeling the odd swaying motion.  Even in the eastern Upper Peninsula, Michigan Radio listeners say they felt the earthquake’s shake.  Many also said the Virginia quake did not compare with last summer’s tremor centered near Ottawa.

Here’s a sample of some the Facebook comments from our listeners to today’s earthquake:

Harper   Felt it in downtown GR! Building swayed and shook. Very freaky.

Catherine  I felt it in the Medical School here in Ann Arbor

Brittany  Felt it strongly in battle creek, I grew up in California though, so it was strange to feel that feeling here 

Stacey I know my cat felt it... she has been acting strange since it happened...

Shannon  holy cow that was weird