Did you know Action Baby Carriers are born in Michigan? | Michigan Radio

Did you know Action Baby Carriers are born in Michigan?

Mar 16, 2015

Just about anywhere you see young parents, there’s a good chance you will see Action Baby Carriers. In place of pushing a baby in a stroller, these carriers let you “wear” your baby or toddler, and these carriers are made in Detroit.

While in an Action Baby Carrier, baby faces in towards the adult carrying her to maximize comfort for both.

“We made a carrier that you buckle to your body, so that you can be hands free and still have your baby nice and close to you,” said Andrea Govender, who owns Action Baby Carriers with her husband.

While in an Action Baby Carrier, the baby faces inwards, toward the person wearing him or her.

“It’s easier to get baby in a more ergonomic position when they’re facing in, towards your body,” Govender said. “It’s also a lot more comfortable for both the baby and the wearer because when they’re facing you, their weight is more in line with your body, so it’s easier to carry them for longer periods of time.”

The company began near Alpena before Govender and her husband purchased it from the couple living there.

The carriers are still made in Michigan, manufactured right in Detroit.

Though the business is run almost directly out of the Govender household, its products are sold all across the United States and internationally as well.