Districts need more snow days, says state lawmaker | Michigan Radio

Districts need more snow days, says state lawmaker

Feb 6, 2015

Person. Shovel. Snow.
Credit Lester Graham / Michigan Radio

State Rep. Phil Potvin is from Cadillac, where there's been a lot of snow this year. 

But he says there are a lot of school districts that could use some more wiggle room when it comes to snow days.

His bill would increase the number from six to nine.

"It's a fair number," says Potvin, "the way the snow has been coming in not only in northern Michigan but throughout the state."

Potvin says it's a safety issue for kids, bus drivers, and parents. "The last thing we want is them down (at the bus stop) in the midst of a snowstorm," he says.

Potvin's bill would allow school districts to have nine snow days before having to extend the school year to make them up. 

He says the recent extension of the school year from 175 to 180 days each year makes the increase in snow days feasible.