DMC says surgical instrument problems corrected | Michigan Radio

DMC says surgical instrument problems corrected

May 12, 2017

Detroit Medical Center officials say its problems with unclean surgical instruments are now fixed.

According to Dr. Tony Tedeschi, DMC's chief executive officer, the DMC has made substantial changes to improve its sterilization, inspection, reporting, and training systems.

"The processes that we have in place certainly ensure that no instruments that weren't completely sterile and safe would ever reach a patient," said Tedeschi.

"Our care is absolutely safe for our patients and families," Tedeschi said. "I can tell you personally as a family physician, I'd be comfortable having surgery here."

Tedeschi said the DMC has spent about $1.6 million to date on new equipment, systems, and training to address the surgical instrument problem.

Tedeschi said the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Joint Commission, a non-profit accreditor, found the DMC in full compliance with relevant safety standards following a final inspection in early April.

The Detroit News exposed the health system's problems with dirty instruments in a series of stories last August.