DNR approves Benton Harbor Golf Course | Michigan Radio

DNR approves Benton Harbor Golf Course

Jun 17, 2008

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has approved developers plans to build part of a golf course over a Benton Harbor beachfront park.

Developers want to build a golf course resort along Lake Michigan in Benton Harbor. The plan calls for three of holes to be inside Jean Klock Park.

Residents opposed to the golf course say the development is illegal and will destroy the sand dunes. But they didn't get a chance to make their case because the D-N-R approved the plan without discussion or a public meeting.

Luanne Kozma has been fighting to save the park. She says the D-N-R turned a deaf ear to the citizens of Michigan.

"They are fast tracking it and ignoring the proper procedure." Kozma said, "It should have been on the agenda and was not."

Governor Granholm supports the development. She says it will create jobs. The proposal now goes to the National Park Service for approval. They denied the development once before, in part because there were not enough opportunities for public comment.