Donald Trump draws big crowd in Cadillac

Mar 4, 2016

Republican presidential candidate at a campaign stop in Warren, Michigan (prior to his stop in Cadillac).
Credit Jake Neher / MPRN

The Trump campaign made a stop in Cadillac Friday at the Wexford Civic Center in preparation for next week’s primaries. Thousands of supporters and a handful of protestors greeted the Republican presidential front runner.

Rabbi Chava Bahle was one of about ten protesters that stood outside the rally.

She says she came down from the Sutton’s Bay area because she sees it as her responsibility as a religious leader.

“I’m down here to hold up signs that literally hold up a different message than what Mr. Trump is saying inside and our message, the folks that came today, is about holding up love and tolerance and welcome to people and thinking more about ‘we’ than just ‘me’.”

A few protesters also made it into the rally but were ejected by Mr. Trump immediately after shouting out “KKK for Trump” during his speech.

Officials estimate more than 10,000 people showed up to see the Republican presidential front runner, many of whom had to be turned away because the fire marshal wouldn’t allow more than 3,500 in the building at once.

Giovanni D’Agostino from Petoskey, Michigan was one of Trump’s many supporters. He wore several pins to show his support.

“I got a Hillary for prison pin, Bomb the Hell out of ISIS, and Trump 2016 finally someone with balls.”

D’Agostino says this will be the first election he is able to vote in.