Donald Trump holds Halloween rallies in Michigan | Michigan Radio

Donald Trump holds Halloween rallies in Michigan

Oct 31, 2016

Donald Trump spent part of his Halloween in Michigan. The Republican presidential candidate held rallies in Grand Rapids and the battleground area of Macomb County.

While recent polls still show Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton with a lead in Michigan, support and enthusiasm were high at the rally. Laurie Sanger got into the Halloween spirit by coming to the rally in costume. She wore an orange “jumpsuit” with Clinton’s name on the back and handcuffs on her wrist.

“I expected more Hillarys here,” Sanger said. “I didn’t know I’d be the only one.”

A popular chant at Trump’s rallies is “Lock her up!” referring to Hillary Clinton.

Eighteen-year-old Spencer Phillips was in line early in Grand Rapids to see Trump. Spencer says his first presidential vote will be for Trump.

“I’ve always been into politics as a kid because my dad was in politics,” he said. “I almost always enjoy just arguing politics with kids at school who are almost ignorant with politics that don’t know much so it’s always been kind of a passion.”

Spencer’s 16-year-old brother Leo went to the rally too. Leo says the election is “kinda messed up” but wanted to see a part of history.

Michigan has gone to the Democratic presidential candidate since 1988. But Trump has been trying to take Michigan, along with other parts of the industrial Midwest like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

This was his fifth visit to Michigan.