Dow-DuPont merger becomes official | Michigan Radio

Dow-DuPont merger becomes official

Aug 31, 2017

Dow Chemical’s merger with rival DuPont becomes to official today.  

Dow Chemical has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 1937.  But with the start of business Friday, its stock ticker symbol will be replaced with the new one: DWDP.

Those four letters will symbolize what is now the largest chemical company in the world, worth an estimated $130 billion.  

It took nearly two years for Dow and DuPont to get the regulatory approvals to merge. 

The next challenge will be to split the company up again over the next 18 months.   The original plan was to divide the merged company into three separate businesses.  However, some activist investors are pushing for more divisions.

For now, the merged Dow-DuPont will be dual headquartered in Midland, Michigan and Wilmington, Delaware.