Dow-DuPont merger inching closer to final approval | Michigan Radio

Dow-DuPont merger inching closer to final approval

Jul 3, 2017

The Dow-DuPont merger is moving to a conclusion.

Last week, the proposed $130 billion merger cleared its last major regulatory hurdle.

Canadian regulators joined their counterparts in the U.S., China, Brazil, Australia, India and the European Union in giving their blessing.  

A few minor jurisdictions still have to weigh in, but analysts like Edward Jones’ Matt Arnold say nothing will stop it now.

“Many smaller jurisdictions look to the U.S., and especially to the European Union, for guidance. We don’t have concerns about regulatory approval whatsoever. This should be a done deal,” said Arnold.

“The focus is going to shift to combining these businesses and synergizing them. In other words, taking out the targeted cost-savings,” he added.

The merger is expected to finalize in August. Eventually, the plan is to divide the giant chemical industry company into three smaller firms, with one based in Dow’s hometown of Midland.