Dutch manufacturers setting up shop in Brighton | Michigan Radio

Dutch manufacturers setting up shop in Brighton

Jul 8, 2013

Michigan manufacturing is getting a boost from a group of Dutch companies which are starting production of a wide range of green technology products in Brighton.

This week, the companies are starting to roll out wind turbines, heat exchangers,  water purification systems and other green technologies.

Jan Verwater is with the Michigan company partnering with the Dutch manufacturers. He says Michigan’s large production capacity gives it an advantage in attracting high tech businesses.

“There’s a lot of high-tech production equipment available…and that is what we need,” says Verwater, “

About 50 people are currently employed at the Brighton facility. Company officials hope to expand to 150 by the end of the year.

Verwater says the European Union free trade talks taking place this week may help open the door to more European companies setting up manufacturing in Michigan.