East Lansing church to hold 'counter event' to Quran burning

Sep 9, 2010

President Obama has weighed in. Now a church in Lansing plans to weigh in on the Quran burning controversy.  The Lansing State Journal reports that All Saints Episcopal Church will hold a "counter-event" this weekend.  The church plans to host a public open reading from an English translation of the Quran this Saturday night. Rev. Sarah Midzalkowski said in a statement:

“Let us come together in peace to further greater understanding and appreciation of one another.”


There's been a lot of discussion about whether the small church in Florida planning the Quran burning has gotten too much attention.  On NPR's Two-Way blog, one commenter asks

WHY WHY WHY are we giving so much attention to 50 demented people, who, while they call themselves a church, don't uphold any of the Christian values that are taught in the mainstream?

Mark Memmot is polling Two-Way readers about whether the media should keep covering the event or not.