Eastern Michigan University to oversee lowest performing schools in Michigan

Jun 21, 2011

Eastern Michigan University has been picked to oversee the lowest performing schools in the state.

The “Education Achievement System” will assist the lowest 5 percent of performing schools in Michigan. The new statewide school district will start in Detroit and eventually expand across the state. 

Jeoff Larcom is with EMU. He says Governor Snyder chose EMU because of its strong education program and proximity to Detroit.

"Detroit schools are a focus of EMU, we bring in people from Wayne County in terms of our enrollment, we’re grounded in Detroit, improving a lot of young people in Michigan is obviously a central aspect of EMU’s mission."

Larcom says EMU has close ties with Detroit Public Schools.

"The best example that exists right now is the WK Kellogg Woodward Wilson Foundation’s scholarships, or teaching fellowships, where EMU was one of a variety of public universities who are training special stem teachers who would indeed ultimately teach science and math in Detroit."

The new district will go into effect September 2012. EMU will provide expertise, technical assistance and educational services.

Emily Fox- Michigan Radio Newsroom