Effort to OK new Detroit-Windsor bridge fails | Michigan Radio

Effort to OK new Detroit-Windsor bridge fails

The push to build a new bridge connecting Detroit and Windsor appears dead. 

The Associated Press reports: 

A final effort to pass a measure this year that could have cleared the way for a second bridge connecting Detroit and Canada has failed.

Democrats in the Michigan Senate wanted a vote on the issue Thursday, likely the final day of the Legislature's 2009-10 session. But a motion to discharge the legislation and send it to the Senate floor failed, getting only 11 votes in the 38-seat Senate dominated by Republicans.

Republican leaders say the issue is complex and the legislation was not ready to be voted on.

The so-called Detroit River International Crossing project has supporters in the business community but it is opposed by the owners of the nearby Ambassador Bridge.

The issue likely will resurface quickly when the new Michigan Legislature convenes in January.