Election 2016: Interview with Jack Bergman, Republican candidate for 1st District

Oct 31, 2016

The most hotly contested congressional race in Michigan is widely viewed as happening in the First Congressional District. It covers the entire Upper Peninsula and a good-sized chunk of the northern Lower Peninsula.

Earlier this month on Stateside, Zoe Clark spoke with the Democratic contender, Lon Johnson. Today, we spoke with Republican candidate, retired Marine Lt. General Jack Bergman.

Much of the talk about the race in the First has been related to which candidate has lived in the area the longest, but Bergman says he'd rather focus on the economy and creating jobs for the district's residents.

Some of the other issues on Bergman's agenda include tax reform, balancing the budget, and protecting the Second Amendment. Bergman is pro-life and is also against amnesty for immigrants "who came here illegally."

Listen to the full interview above to hear Bergman explain his top priorities, what's surprised him about his first attempt at running for public office, and why he continues to support Republican Donald Trump for president. 

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