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Election 2020: Peter Meijer wins open 3rd Congressional District seat

Nov 4, 2020

Peter Meijer, an Iraq war veteran and heir to a multibillion dollar fortune, has won the open seat in Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District. No Democrat has represented Grand Rapids in Congress in nearly half a century. Hillary Scholten came closer than most. But Meijer still won the race by 6 percentage points.

Meijer is the grandson of the superstore founder, Frederick Meijer. He served in the Army in the Iraq war, and said he would work to help veterans and limit federal spending.

Meijer tweeted that he had spoken with Scholten and thanked his supporters.

"I also want to thank not just those in West Michigan who put their faith and trust in me, but also to all who cast their vote and participated in this historic election. I’m honored & ready to get to work on behalf of all West Michiganders, and will not let you down."

Earlier in the evening, Scholten tweeted:

"The energy behind this campaign points to one thing: The tides are changing in West Michigan. We may not have won tonight, but this isn't the end of our fight for a better and bright West Michigan for all -- including low-cost, accesible health care, clean water, and an economy that works for everyone." 

Meijer will replace Justin Amash, a former Republican who joined the Libertarian party after calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

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