EMU teachers vote on contract

Sep 14, 2011

Part-time instructors at Eastern Michigan University are voting on whether to approve a tentative contract agreement between the union and the university. The agreement would raise the minimum salary and provide more job security and protections.

Zachary Jones is a lecturer in geography and geology at EMU. He says part-time instructors end up teaching at many different schools, and do not earn a decent living wage. Jones says this contract represents a change in attitude of how the university treats its part-time instructors, and he says it boils down to an issue of respect.

“I mean if we want to put it down into one word, we’re just asking for respect from the university."

If the teachers approve the contract, the school’s Board of Regents will vote to ratify the contract next week. A representative with the union says it’s likely the regents will approve the contract.